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4 Way Splitter
AFA produces a variety of power splitters, such as 2-way splitter, 3-way splitter, 4-way splitter, Wilkinson power splitter, etc.
3 Way Splitter
The power splitter is suitable for use in power distribution in radio frequency and microwave circuits, and is widely used in the field of mobile communication and ultra-wideband such as satellite radar, electronic countermeasures, test and measurement.
RF Splitter
The technical specifications of the power splitter include the frequency range, the withstand power, the distribution loss of the main path to the branch
2 Way Splitter
Product Name: 2 way splitterBrand Name: AFAApplication: Telecommunication
DIN Type Power Splitter
Power dividers(also power splitters and, when used in reverse, powercombiners)have many applications. These includeproviding a signal sample for measurement or monitoring, feedback, combiningfeeds to and from antennae
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